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Create Projects

Start the utiLITI editor. Hit “File -> New...” (Shortcut: CTRL+N).


In the file browser that pops up, navigate to your project directory and hit “open“.
Even if you still have done nothing, hit save to create a game resource file.
You can name your game resource file whatever you want, we might refer to it as “game.litidata” later on.

You have now successfully created a new project! Let's have a look at the Layout of the utiLITI window and its basic functions.

Window Layout

In the upper right corner, you can find the Objects and Layers tabs. In the Objects tab, you can find a hierarchy of all MapObjects. The Layers tab contains a list of all Map Object Layers, letting you modify layers in the following ways:

  • Add Add
  • Delete Delete
  • Copy Copy
  • Change Color Change Color
  • Rename Rename
  • Show selected layer only Show selected layer only
  • Send selected layer up Send selected layer up
  • Send selected layer down Send selected layer down

In the bottom left corner, you can find the Resources and Console tabs. You can manage your game resources, such as .png file for creature and sound file.

You can edit your MapObjects in the botton right corner. If you select an object, the properties of the object will appear. You can set up the objects' collision, dimensions, name, tags, etc. using these controls.

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