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LITIENGINE Release notes

v0.5.0-beta - "Farewell, Alpha!"

LITIENGINE v0.5.0-beta featureimage

This release marks the beginning of a new era for the LITIENGINE. We consider most of the API to be stable and we pretty much settled on the current API design. With the release of our new Website, the documentation and other information about the engine are easier to use and everything can be found in one place.

It's been a long journey but, finally, we're leaving the Alpha status and are looking forward to even more fruitful experiences with the LITIENGINE in the future. A big thank you to all members of this community. Without your feedback and contributions we wouldn't be here today. You're awesome!

✅ Fixes

  • 00178dd Fixed NullPointerException when rendering Shapes
  • 00178dd Fixed vertical position when rendering Text with Alignment.
  • 2c55195 Fixed NullPointerException when setting opacity on an image.
  • 7c46a6f Fixed issue with collision dimension <= 0
  • 0deffc4 Zoom changed event is now fired after changing the zoom
  • eb1ca1e Fixed issue with "stuttering" PositionLockCamera
  • afe8639 Fixed EntityEmitters to update their position correctly once the corresponding entity moves.

⭐ Features/Improvements

  • 3455fa6 Make TileData constructor visibility being non public.
  • 1c9642a Allow comma separated parameters for random methods.
  • #139 Add API that supports generating maps from code
  • #332 Improved GeometricUtilities
  • 14eb43c Extended Game.random() API with support for choosing a random string
  • 8d3f564 Extended Environment with the possibility to retrieve entities by a specified Predicate
  • e756f53 Extended SoundEffect with the possibility to provide sounds by name
  • 6da1d94 Trigger entity moved event from the EntityNavigator
  • c09c1ca Extended the TextRenderer with several new method overloads
  • 714dd6e Extended TilesetEntry with support for collision info

🔀 Changes

  • 7909f05 Adjusted the handling of the anim controller affine transform
  • 30093d7 Renamed events to suit the naming conventions
  • #336 Fixed inconsistent Entity Hierarchy by removing MobileEntity
  • bfa2d98 Make the local ID sequence unique globally (over all Environments)

🔧 utiLITI Editor

  • 06b8d0e Improved scrollbar granularity
  • 24cd048 Added Spawnpoint pivot fields to the editor
  • 3af2988 Fixed potential exception when removing custom properties
  • #312 Added a Zoom Combobox
  • a5436f3 Fixed capitalization on many UI strings
  • b20fbdd Added support for custom properties for MapArea
  • 18a7735 Clear map list when opening another game project
  • 160e563 Added right-click shortcut menu to the map list
Added Dark Theme and overhauled Light Theme #340

With this version, we've introduced theming support for the utiLITI editor with the DarkLaf library. The theme can be switch at runtime

Dark Theme utiLITI utiLITI: Dark Theme

Light Theme utiLITI utiLITI: Light Theme

Revamped the Emitter UI (make it actually usable)

With this version, we revamped the Emitter UI in the utiLITI editor such that changes to the emitter are instantly applied. The different parameters have been categorized and the overall usability has been drastically improved. In addition, we've also added the possibility to configure particle rotation for even more vivid visual effects.

See the related implementations on GitHub: #346 #298 #345

Example: Emitter Panel overhaul

💬 Misc

  • Added PR templates
  • Added issue templates

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