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Now, let us discuss how to actually download the LITIENGINE. The engine consists of two major parts: the editor and the java library.

1. Download the LITIENGINE SDK

The LITIENGINE SDK contains utiLITI, our project management and map creation tool. It is a stand-alone editor which produces project files that can then be loaded to your game. You can download the LITIENGINE SDK from

Note: The utiLITI editor is not an IDE for Java development.

2. Get the LITIENGINE Java library via Gradle

The library itself is used by your game's implementation and provides you with the actual Java API. Add the LITIENGINE dependency to your Gradle project by adding the following code to your project's build.gradle file:

While it's also possible to reference the library via Maven or Ant, our recommended and supported way is to use gradle.

Gradle (Groovy)

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'application'

repositories {

dependencies {
  implementation 'de.gurkenlabs:litiengine:0.5.1'

Note: if you failed build, try to modify apply plugin: 'java' to apply plugin: 'java-library'

Gradle (Kotlin)

plugins {

repositories {

dependencies {

Sample Project

A basic example for a Gradle based LITIENGINE project can be found HERE. Have a look at the project's build.gradle and settings.gradle.

(Advanced) Build the LITIENGINE from source

If you want to use recent features of the LITIENGINE master branch that haven't been part of a stable release yet, you can configure Gradle to include a local clone of the engine repository. Assuming you have cloned the engine to a folder in the same location as your project, you would have the following project structure:


Then in project/settings.gradle, add the following line:

includeBuild "../litiengine"

In project/build.gradle, define the dependency as usual:

dependencies {
  implementation 'de.gurkenlabs:litiengine'

Gradle will automatically replace any dependency with the version provided by includeBuild if it finds a matching module.

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