Every Dream Needs funding.

LITIENGINE has evolved from a small learning project to one of the most popular Java 2D game engines available on the market.
We create LITIENGINE entirely in our free time and without regular monetary compensation!

If you want to support us living our dream, please consider helping us out with a one time donation or by becoming our sponsor.

How you can join the LITIENGINE movement

LITIENGINE is an open source project hosted on GitHub under the permissive MIT license.
For you, this means that there are tons of ways to help shape LITIENGINE’s future!

Apart from submitting bug reports, requesting features, and contributing to the code base,
there are numerous other ways to get involved with LITIENGINE:

  • Code

    Resolve open issues Implement new features Refactor complicated or outdated bits of code Automate project setup Develop an eclipse plugin for project setup Increase unit testing coverage Enhance mapping and project management workflows by improving the utiLITI editor.

  • Document

    Improve LITIENGINE's official documentation pages Increase LITIENGINE's JavaDocs coverage Establish a LITIENGINE newsletter Write LITIENGINE tutorials, How-To's, and user guides Translate LITIENGINE’s documentation

  • Share

    Create Let's Play videos of LITIENGINE games Mention LITIENGINE in your blog, magazine, forum,... Spread the word about LITIengine on social media Livestream LITIENGINE game development

  • Discuss

    Engage in constructive discussion about LITIENGINE's future development Provide feedback about the LITIENGINE user experience Suggest revisions and new features

  • Help

    Answer questions about LITIENGINE on e.g., our forum, Stack Overflow or Reddit Answer questions on open issues Become a moderator for our Github repository or the LITIENGINE forum Review code on other people’s submissions Support new contributors and mentor them

  • Structure

    Link to duplicate issues and forum posts or suggest new issue labels Suggest closing outdated issues and discussions Ask clarifying questions on recently opened issues to move the discussion forward

  • Create

    Develop your dream game with LITIENGINE Build universes with the utiLITI editor Share your creations with the world

  • Design

    Improve LITIENGINE’s usability by generating class diagrams Design LITIENGINE related art for merchandise products Maximize the utiLITI editor's usability by redesigning UI layouts Help us establish a style guide to maintain consistency in LITIENGINE's code

  • Plan

    Organize LITIENGINE workshops, meetups or game jams Help us establish a regular LITIENGINE conference Help community members find the right conferences and submit proposals for speaking