The Pure 2D Java Game Engine

Written in plain Java 8 the LITIengine provides all the infrastructure to create a 2D tile based java game, be it a platformer or a top-down adventure.


LITIEngine – The ultimate 2D Java Game Engine

The LITIengine is an all self written 2D Java Game Engine by the two bavarian brothers Steffen and Matthias. Passionate for video games, we decided to write an own game from scratch some day. This was the birth hour of this engine because we refused to learn another engine at the time to teach ourselves the basics of video game development.

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Java Icon

Java 8

Written in Java 8, the engine supports and uses all the latest language features like lambda expressions.


Windows, Linux & MAC OS

LITIengine natively supports all common desktop operating systems, maintaining high portability due to the absence of external libraries.



The LITIengine is published under the MIT License and provides you with the possibility to collaborate with us.


Made with love

We at gurkenlabs strive to provide you an enjoyable and efficient development experience


2D Physics Engine Icon

2D Physics Engine

Collision detection and resolving. Apply forces to entities. Move entities with acceleration respecting friction and weight. 

2D Render Engine Icon

2D Render Engine

Render the environment, sprites, shapes and text based on plain Java AWT graphics in a highly performant rendering process.

Tilemap Support (.tmx) Icon

Tilemap Support (.tmx)

The engine supports environments built in the famous Tilemap Format and enhances it by custom map objects.

2D Sound Engine Icon

2D Sound Engine

Stream multiple audio sources in .WAV, .OGG and .MP3 format simultaneously located in the 2D space.

Particle System Icon

Particle System

Enhance your 2D graphics by using the dynamic Particle System to render special effects.

Game Framework Icon

Basic Game Infrastructure

We got you covered with basic infrastructure like GameLoop, Configuration, Resource Management, Logging and much more.