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🛈 LITIENGINE is currently in Beta

  • Alpha: Since there hasn't been a pre-alpha phase or anything, this phase includes everything from the very first non-open-sourced LITIENGINE commit to the latest publicly available versions. Expect major API changes and feature additions to happen frequently. Because of the frequent changes, documentation does not have top priority yet. Slowly introduce the framework to the world, incorporate feedback, and form the brand "LITIENGINE". LITIENGINE Alpha had begun in April 2016, lasting for about four years.
  • Beta: All core features are implemented in a stable way and can be looked up in the documentation. APIs change less frequently. The focus here is on making LITIENGINE reliable, well-documented, and user-friendly. Beta is the final stress-test for LITIENGINE, where we want to make sure every nook and cranny sits in the right place. Users can now familiarize with what LITIENGINE is finally going to work like, and provide their feedback and / or bug reports for us to apply some fixes. In addition to that, we establish compulsory guidelines for contribution and compliance, migrate to a new forum and website, and no longer work on the master branch directly. Every single bit of new code has to get tested thoroughly and incorporated in the documentation. The master branch only features the latest stable snapshot of LITIENGINE. The first Beta release will be v0.5.0, set to release in 2020.
  • Release: At the point where we are certain that every LITIENGINE mechanic works in the desired way, can be accessed easily, and is covered in the documentation, we will prepare for the first production-ready release. Users can expect a competitive, well-tested, and easy-to-learn Java 2D game library ready for use in professional environments. By the time of release, we have composed a monetization strategy for LITIENGINE to reward the longstanding efforts we have put into the project. Don't worry, LITIENGINE will stay open-source for everyone!

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