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Native Libraries

Managing Native Libraries

Managing (and deploying) the native libraries is mainly necessary for Controller Support or when using other libraries that require native assemblies (like steamworks4j).

The LITIENGINE has some native dependencies that allow supporting Controller Input. This requires platform dependent binaries to be available at runtime to work properly. Our java library .jar archive contains all of the necessary binaries, hence the simplest way to access them is to tell gradle to extract them to the application directory.

Gradle (Kotlin)

Add the following code to your project's build.gradle.kts file to extract LITIENGINE's native libraries to the 'libs' folder whenever the project is being built.

tasks.register<Copy>("natives") {
  for (dep in configurations.runtimeClasspath.get().files) {
    include("**/*.dll", "**/*.so", "**/*.jnilib", "**/*.dylib")
    into(File(buildDir, "libs"))

tasks.named("build") {

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