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Install JDK

Installing the Java Development Kit

First of all, you should download a Java development kit (JDK), containing the Java virtual machine (JVM) and other resources for developing Java applications. Since LITIENGINE has been created with Java 21, you need at least JDK 21 on your machine.

In case you are on linux or mac, you can also use SKDMAN! to manager your JDK installation. Once you've installed sdk man, type sdk install java in your terminal. The latest recommend JDK will be installed automatically for you. It should be registered in your IDE after you restart it. For further information look up the SDKMAN! Docs.

The official Oracle JDK has seen some severe licensing changes in 2019, requiring a paid license for developing commercial applications! You should use another JDK distribution with a permissive free license instead.

Here is a short overview over some entirely free JDK distributions:

Eclipse TemurinJDK 21
Amazon CorretoJDK 21
Oracle Open JDKJDK 21
Red Hat OpenJDKJDK 21
GraalVMJDK 21

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