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Resource Management

Resources API

The static Resources class is the engine's entry point for accessing any kind of resource from within your LITIENGINE project. A resource is any non-executable data that is deployed with your game. The Resources class provides access to different types of ResourcesContainers and is used by different (loading) mechanisms to make resources available during runtime. LITIENGINE supports various different resource types, including:

  • images
  • fonts
  • maps
  • (localizable) strings
  • spritesheets
  • sounds

Resource Containers

ResourcesContainer is an abstract implementation for all classes that contain a certain resource type. Basically, it's an in-memory cache of the resources and provides access to manage the resources.

Internally, the resources are stored in a ConcurrentHashMap where the keys are String identifiers and the values are your individual resource objects.

There are various overloads for ResourcesContainer.add(...) and ResourcesContainer.get(...), allowing you to adjust these operations to your needs. All the ResourcesContainer's contents and its listeneres can be discarded with ResourcesContainer.clear().


You can register ResourcesContainerListeners with addContainerListener(ResourcesContainerListener<T> listener) to get notified whenever a resource was added to or removed from your ResourcesContainer. Removing listeners works analogically with removeContainerListener(ResourcesContainerListener<T> listener)

Resource Folders








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