Interface IUpdateable

All Known Subinterfaces:
IAnimationController, IBehaviorController, ICamera, IEntityAnimationController<T>, IEntityController, IEntitySpawner<T>, IMovementController
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbilityExecution, Animation, AnimationController, AttributeEffect, Camera, CreatureAnimationController, Effect, Emitter, EntityAnimationController, EntityEmitter, EntityNavigator, EntitySpawner, ForceEffect, FreeFlightCamera, Gamepad, GamepadEntityController, GameWorld, Keyboard, KeyboardEntityController, Mouse, MousePathController, MovementController, PhysicsEngine, PlatformingMovementController, PositionLockCamera, PropAnimationController, SoundEffect, SoundEngine, SpeechBubble, StateController, StateMachine, Trigger, TweenEngine
Functional Interface:
This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

public interface IUpdateable
The functional interface IUpdateable provides the functionality to automatically update the instance from a loop that it is attached to.

This should be used for code that needs to be executed on every tick/frame.

See Also:
ILoop.attach(IUpdateable), ILoop.detach(IUpdateable), Game.loop()
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and TypeMethodDescription
    This method is called by the game loop on all objects that are attached to the loop.
  • Method Details

    • update

      void update()
      This method is called by the game loop on all objects that are attached to the loop. It's called on every tick of the loop and the frequency can be configured using the ClientConfiguration.
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