Naughty Gnomes

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You need to have JRE 8 installed in order to run the game.


Naughty Gnomes is a top-down 2D pixelart puzzle game.. Your nose has been stolen by damn gnomes and they brought it to their small living places. Since you are a large and lanky clown, you are too big to enter their homes. Instead, you can get your nose back by hitting all gnomes with cake to knock them out and make them surrender.

How to play Naughty Gnomes

You will see a box on the floor indicating your throwing direction and origin. Press and hold MOUSE1 to load up your throw and wait until your target tile is marked. Then, release MOUSE1 to throw. Throwing the cakes is tile-based, and you have a limited range, so don’t waste any precious cakes! On impact, the cakes’ explosion will spread to each adjacent tile (kinda like Bomberman!). If a Gnome is hesitating to come out of a corner, try scaring him out with your party horn (MOUSE2)

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Naughty Gnomes Controls Scheme (LDJAM38)


Naughty Gnomes Screenshot Gameplay (LDJAM38)