LITI – Stoneage Brawl

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Release Date

“When it’s done!”

About the Game

LITI – Stoneage Brawl, the 2D pixelart MOBA game with a rather uncommon setting: The stoneage!

The game itself is inspired by your typical favourite MOBA, but the whole idea of MOBAs is  ported into an abstract, cute 2D world.
We’re developing the game from sketch in pure java 8, no libraries or external game frameworks are being used.


The broodmother in your base spawns little Liti warriors that instantly go and attack the enemy base.
By collecting berries and gifting them to the broodmother, the strength of these Liti reinforcements is increased.
In order to cut the line of enemy reinforcements, you will have to destroy the hostile hatchery!
The bases of both teams are guarded by fierce warriors that will crush anyone approaching incautiosly.
You will be able to chop trees and gather Wood in order to repair your fortifications.

To spice things up during the game, different game events will be triggered from time to time. You can bribe mercenaries,
recover artifacts or ask for the gods´ favor at stonehenge sites.
So get your maces ready and join the epic battle for survival!


LITI Stoneage Brawl Class Huntress


The huntress is quick and agile and a master of her ranged spear weapon.

LITI Stoneage Brawl Class Shaman


The shaman uses ancient magic to get an advantage over his enemies and trick them into their demise!

LITI Stoneage Brawl Class Warrior


The warrior intimidates its foes and overwhelms them by using his brute force!

You will find yourself fighting for survival as a huntress, shaman, or warrior (more variations yet to come!).
All classes will have an entirely different playstyle as well as an individual set of skills.

Screenshots (Alpha Footage)

LITI Stoneage Brawl Screenshot

Original Soundtrack