Changelog LITIengine v0.4.19-alpha


  • bf31e15 Fixed ArgumentNullException that could be thrown if an entity hit event was not related to an Ability.
  • 7c25cb2 Fixed bug that made not work for files within a jar.
  • 69afe69 Don’t ignore minimal location updates on entities
  • 680ce0b Fixed issue which caused the Camera hotfix for certain renderscales not to work.
  • ca5cfa2 Fixed null pointer check in TmxMap
  • 59360c4 Fixed issue with the GameWorld.reset overload

Features / Improvements

  • Added and improve the Javadocs of many APIs
  • aeccaa4 Added possibility to remove timed actions.
  • #301 28f1036 Added entity render events for individual entities.
  • adb2bfc Extend the ReflectionUtilities with a few helpful methods
  • 9fde70d Added events for changes on ConfigurationGroups
  • c8ca4b1 Added events for layer rendering on the MapRenderer
  • 70c598a Added onMoved event for IMobileEntity
  • 41679ed Added spawned event for Spawnpoint
  • 87c339d Added updatable count to the GameMetrics
  • a7a7637 Don’t modify layer visibility when serializing maps.
  • #297 Re-Added shortcut API for finding tile bounds


  • 5ddf044 Drop the Game.loop().getUpdateRate() method in favor of Game.loop().getTickRate().
  • 30cd2c1 Improve visibility modifies of the SoundEngine
  • 6d92e25 Rework the default mouse cursor behavior
    • Use the default cursor if no virtual cursor is set and the mouse is not being grabbed by the window.
    • Move the debug cursor handling to the MouseCursor implementation
    • Don’t grab the mouse by default.
  • c950d55 Replace some explicitly thrown exceptions by log messages.
  • d715f2f Drop the de.gurkenlabs.litiengine.annotation package.
  • 39f365e Change Entity collections from the Environment to be immutable

Revamp of several event methods and listeners

  • 3747d8c 080afea Streamline rendering events and API
  • 59b4b3d Reworked the ScreenManager events
  • 1c41e83 Reworked the Mouse events
  • 537b5d7 Reworked the Keyboard events
  • 480a259 Reworked the Gamepad and GamepadManager events
  • 111d81d Reworked the Camera events
  • 4204d8a Reworked the Emitter events
  • e438fc8 Reworked the Ability events
  • Marked many listeners as FunctionalInterface


  • 60c0466 Fixed initial error when no game file is loaded.
  • #299 Fixed Reassigning map IDs


  • Updated SonarQube plugin 2.7 -> 2.8
  • Updated Gradle 5.3.1 -> 6.0.1
    • d4d35a7 Print Gradle warnings in the build log.
  • 7340f5b Prevent duplicated resources in the .jar files.
  • 94b46dc Exclude duplicate files from the jar.

Contributors in this release


Also, thanks to all the contributors to the LITIENGINE community in the forum and our discord! All your comments and thoughts help us to shape the engine towards a stable release.