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About the Game

Covid Antibody Response and Infection Neutralization


A simulation game where the player has to bring antibodies to battle viruses. Both of them act according to a specific genetic code. Genetic code can be determined using a specific grammar.

This is not an original gurkenlabs game. We have merely forked it from RiwEZ/KitKatCARIN and taken some basic adjustments to make the game available as a demonstration of LITIENGINE’s capabilities. Huge props to the KitKat Group for creating this game!

👶🏻 Developer (KitKat Group)

  • Tanat Tangun
  • Thanawat Bumpengpun
  • Tananun Chowdee

📚 Library

🔧 Tool

  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Gradle Build Tool
  • JDK 20

📄 How-To-Play

  • Goal

    • If all Viruses in the area are eliminated (Win)
    • If all Antibody that the player has is dead (lost)
  • Gameplay

    • An area of m x n size where Antibody and Virus can occupy.
    • At the start of the game, there will be 3 random Viruses spawned and randomly spawned throughout the game.
    • At the start of the game, the player must use Credits to buy an Antibody to fight the Virus by clicking and dragging it to the desired area (genetic code selectable).
    • If the Antibody defeats the virus, it will earn credits to buy additional Antibody.
    • If an Antibody is killed by a Virus, that Antibody becomes a Virus.
    • The number of Antibody and Virus in the area is indicated.
  • Controls

    • Control the camera

      • Move the camera | Press W, A, S, D
      • Zoom in-out | Press Ctrl + mouse wheel up-down
      • Reset camera | Zoom out fully
    • game speed

      • Accelerate-decelerate the game | Use the mouse to click on the Speed Slider bar.
      • Pause Game | Press Spacebar or Click Button (Game will stop when player buys or moves an Antibody by himself)
  • Settings

    • Fixed in gameconfig.properties file

      • Area size m x n
      • Virus spawn rate
      • Default credit
      • Antibody Price
      • Blood of Antibody, Virus
      • Attack power of Antibody, Virus
      • Blood cost when manually moving an Antibody
      • Credits received when the Antibody defeats the Virus.
    • Edit files in folders genetic_codes

      • Modified the code in the .in file in the Antibody folder to define the action of the Antibody.
      • Edit the code in the .in file in the Virus folder to define the actions of the Virus.