Interface EntityRenderedListener

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CollisionBox, CollisionEntity, CombatEntity, Creature, Emitter, Entity, EntityEmitter, LightSource, MapArea, Prop, SoundSource, Spawnpoint, StaticShadow, Trigger
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public interface EntityRenderedListener
extends java.util.EventListener
This listener interface is used for receiving events after an entity was rendered with the game's RenderEngine.
See Also:
RenderEngine.renderEntity(java.awt.Graphics2D, IEntity)
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and TypeMethodDescription
    voidrendered​(EntityRenderEvent event)
    This method gets called after an entity was rendered.
  • Method Details

    • rendered

      void rendered​(EntityRenderEvent event)
      This method gets called after an entity was rendered.
      event - The event that contains the render data.