Star ReaperZ



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About the Game

The Star ReaperZ have arrived, bent on destroying entire galaxies and harvesting their energy. In a last effort to save existence itself, the GDF (galaxy defence force) has mobilized their troops and is sending every single Defender and Agent to ward off the threat. Will the GDF be able save the day, or will the evil Star ReaperZ prevail?

In this action-centered arcade shoot ’em up, players must maneuver their ship through swarms of enemy ships and defend themselves from incoming fire. The enemies come in two forms: “Agents”, which are small, unarmed space shuttles that fly in large numbers and try to crash into the player’s ship; and “Defenders”, which are larger, armed ships that fire energy blasts at the player.

When the player destroys a defending ship, it leaves behind a blob of energy. The player can then use the shift key to suck in all the energy on screen, harvesting it and gaining points. This adds an additional layer of strategy to the gameplay, as the player must decide when to focus on destroying enemies and when to focus on harvesting energy. 

As you progress through the levels, difficulty increases with higher spawn rates and the addition of asteroids that block projectiles and destroy your ship on impact. To dodge shots and asteroids, you can boost or slow down your ship’s speed at all times.

A level is won once you reach the galaxy core, a glowing energy sphere enabling life in the galaxy. Recklessly, the Star ReaperZ harvest galaxy cores and leave nothing but destruction and death behind. But hey, at least they’re not stupid enough to destroy the planet they live on!


About us

We are gurkenlabs, two Bavarian brothers with a passion for developing and playing video games.

This game, just like our previous entries, was made with love in LITIENGINEour very own open-source Java 2D game engine. Check LITIENGINE out on Itch and GitHub!


For the first time in LDJAM, we have decided to opt out of the Graphics and Sound categories due to us not being able to spend the full weekend working on the game. Our gratitude goes to the following creators who have provided some of the used assets:

Earth Orbiter FontDaniel Zadorozny
Defending SpaceshipsJose Medina
AsteroidsLuis Zuno
Galaxy backgroundNauris Amatnieks
Input prompt iconsKenney
Explosion effectsBearFX
Energy channeling effectppeldo
UI elementsmacrovector
UI elementsFreepik
Ingame musicremaxim
Menu musicmatthewpl