Pumpkin Keeper

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About the Game

A farmer’s life is tighter than a banjo string… Keep your pumpkins alive and fight off your rivals in this action-based farming simulator. Wake up early in the morning, grab your trusty watering can, and make sure the pumpkins make it through the day.

Yer rivals Tilly and Willy, these suckers are like a blister. They don’t show up until after the work is all done and tryna ruin the crops. Keep em away from yer harvest or they gon wreck it all up.

This game was made during LDJAM 46.

Tools used to create the Game

  • Engine: LITIENGINE
  • Art: Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Music: LMMS
  • Sounds: Audacity
  • Version Control: Git + GitHub


Pumpkin Keeper Controls 1
Pumpkin Keeper Controls 2


Pumpkin Keeper Introduction
Pumpkin Keeper Gameplay

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