DR.LEPUS – The Last Rabbit on Earth

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About the Game

A top-down pixelart  zombie shooter!

You play as DR. LEPUS, struggling for survival in a world full of brain-hungry zombies.
DR. LEPUS constructed a sophisticated machine –THE LEPOTRANSFORMATOR
to turn himself into a rabbit and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, the machine broke and wasn’t able to turn him into a rabbit permanently. Now he can only shapeshift when consuming carrots.

By eating painkillers and drinking beer, DR. LEPUS is able to endure the strains of zombie apocalypse just a little longer.

Help DR. LEPUS salvage electric devices in order to repair the LEPOTRANSFORMATOR.
And remember….
AIM FOR THEIR HEADS! (That’s no joke: you actually do more damage!)


DR.LEPUS Controls


[1] – Carrot

Consuming 5 carrots allows you to shapeshift into a rabbit

[2] – Painkiller

Heals you for 40% of your Max-Life

[3] – Beer

Doubles the damage and increases range by factor 1.25.


Gameplay Footage



Originally, the game was our Entry for LDJAM #35. We decided to implement it with our self- written plain JAVA engine (LITIENGINE).

It combines two of our greatest passions: pixel art and shooting some zombies in the face.

You can check out our LDJAM entry here DR. LEPUS – The last rabbit on earth.
We are also proud to present you the rankings we achieved in the 72-hour jam:

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