Changelog LITIengine v0.4.18-alpha


  • f3b0e52 Fixed a possible StackOverflowException in ImageFormat.isSupported(...)
  • 479e484 Fixed mapID assignment for Blueprints
  • 52f80e1 Fixed concurrency issues in TmxMap by using thread-safe containers for Tilesets and Layers
  • 9ac68d1 Removed redundant call to Creature.updateAnimationController()
  • 6bed9f1 Replaced RenderingHints.KEY_ANTIALIASING with RenderingHints.KEY_TEXT_ANTIALIASING in the TextRenderer
  • 5aa2313 Fixed Trigger to adopt changing activation conditions while relevant Entities are in the trigger area
  • #266 Fixed the way AnimationRules are added to EntityAnimationController
  • afc1997 c39d441 Fixed some graphics issues in the Camera and Environment
  • 4cfe6ed Fixed Concurrency issue in TileLayers.
  • #264 Fixed wrong tileset locations in exported maps.
  • fa573c9 Fixed possible NullPointerException when a Tileset‘s image was null
  • 217d41b Fixed UpdateLoop interruption behaviour
  • f152d52 Made sure Entities cannot have negative width or height.
  • #271 Fixed wrong argument in Spritesheet.setSpriteHeight(...)
  • #283 Fixed potential null reference when CustomProperty value is undefined.
  • c53b036 Fixed potential null reference in DecimalFloatAdapter.
  • 4956e23 Fixed potential text outline bug when using certain RenderScales.
  • 65317ef Fixed entity debug rendering being cancelled when current animation frame is null.
  • 64b1de4 Set default font for all ImageComponents containing text, not only the ones with a background spritesheet.
  • #295 Fixed issue with virtual mouse and grabMouse setting.
  • 25f60bf Encoded spaces in file paths.
  • cfbe31d Prevent potential null reference when trying to scale images that are null.
  • #284 Fixed map serialization being distúrbed by handling paths as URL fragments.
  • 1d4ad94 Fixed an issue when combining paths with whitespaces.

Features / Improvements

  • 8996fd4 Throw ResourceLoadExceptions when failing to load resources
  • 9bc1f2b Added renderWithLayer property to @EntityInfo
  • f93a191 Set default RenderType for TileLayer to GROUND
  • 6876143 Set default RenderType for all Layers to GROUND
  • de2c7a0 Added util method to extrude rectangles
  • eba3d49 Added getter EntityAnimationController.getAnimationRules()
  • 816715a Added method overload for EntityAnimationController.addAnimationRule(...)
  • #224 Added Appearance properties for borders
  • dc550f0 Added SpeechBubbleListener
  • 7674c6c Allow setting SpeechBubble text display time
  • 61dbc65 Allow hiding Speechbubble
  • e067ef1 63d4fb2 ca714b7 f6db03d 077b525 Minor overhaul of the Sound Engine
  • 98255f9 Allow an Entity to be removed by an EnvironmentEntityListener it triggers
  • c188504 Replaced some CopyOnWriteArrayList instances with the faster ConcurrentHashMap.newKeySet()
  • #265 Added ImageScaleMode.FIT to strech ImageComponent images with the correct aspect ratio
  • 5abf10a c5391ae Improved generic type handling in EntityAnimationController
  • 9c41b51 Overhauled version checking for TmxMaps
  • 102c48b Added Unit tests
  • a538528 #268 Implemented more performant Collections for keyboard listeners.
  • 3d41a91 Added method overload for ResourcesContainer.getAsync(...)
  • d8236a9 0d55b7a Switched to more specialized function interfaces in some places.
  • bcfc753 Made sure the miscVolume of a SoundPlayback is updated automatically.
  • 511d0b8 Instead of explicitly setting RenderingHints in the TextRenderer, toggle AntiAliasing with a boolean argument.
  • e2675a1 Removed some unnecessary wildcards in EntityAnimationController and AnimationRule.
  • 90737bb Added active flag to exclude IUpdateables from the update mechanism, where desired.
  • 9da3822 Set mouse Cursor to be visible by default.
  • e043ae5 Added multiple collision handling to PhysicsEngine.getIntersection(...)
  • b57df91 Improved logging on the entity action framework.
  • a26a993 Added attribute to CreatureAnimationState to remember its string representation. Cancelled MovementController.handleForces() if no forces are present.
  • bfa6d81 0fc383d 6f3f2dd 95bc61d Changed some SonarQube project settings.
  • c46632a Improved Resolution implementation.
  • d6c976f 7278da5 Switched to CollectionUtilities and ArrayUtilities for random access. Switched to ThreadLocalRandom instead of individual Random objects. Added method overloads to pass random instance as argument.
  • d452fda Enabled null values in CustomProperties declared as enum.
  • 16f0929 Simplified and improved entity debug rendering.
  • eb6924b Added some additional API to allow map generation from code.
  • 24df305 Added util method to get a random point within a circle.
  • 477eddf Added overload to MapUtilities.getTile(...) with map argument.
  • 10a233f Removed redundant call of ByteArrayOutputStream.flush()
  • c0c001e Added util method to replace colors in an image according to a Map with source and target colors.
  • f62e23c Made sure the GamepadManager updates the gamepads once it is initialized.
  • 3128eb0 f124186 Enabled clearing registered event consumers from Input API.
  • 63c9b8d Added reflection util method to retrieve values of static fields.
  • 47c4ddc Added Gamepad.isPressed(...) to check if a button is pressed on a gamepad.
  • c67bf33 Enhanced Gamepad.toString().
  • 8e5ed73 Enabled gamepad polling via component name instead of JInput specific identifier.
  • 4e5a108 Added possibility to parse a given resource file into a string.
  • c4b40a9 Added mouse pressing event.
  • 44a765d Added missing setters for some Ability properties.
  • #290 Implemented borderless display mode. There are now three modes:
    • WINDOWED = Resizable Window with decoration (otherwise it would not be resizable)
    • BORDERLESS = Basically windowed but without decoration and scaled to the entire screen
    • FULLSCREEN = Native Fullscreen; locked to the framerate of the Monitor
  • 564ea96 Stored a string attribute as lower cased so that it doesn’t always have to be converted.
  • ac0b11b Made XML format more compatible to the TMX tiled format.
  • 949be86 14175b6 Added overload method to set mouse cursor location with Align and Valign parameters instead of absolute offset values. Set default pivot to TOP LEFT
  • f12df41 Implemented human-like alphanumeric string comparison using the Alphanum algorithm by dave koelle. Switched to alphanum comparison for IMap and Resource names ([map1, map2, map10] instead of [map1, map10, map2]).
  • #259 Made the CreatureAnimationController only display the death animation as the last fallback if no other animation is present.
  • 406adc5 Slightly improved CombatEntity events.
  • 504ccd4 Added append and distinct util methods to ArrayUtilities.
  • d14fa49 Added collision event to CollisionEntity
  • 6310fd2 Improved logging for unsupported tmx version.
  • 5a13edd Improved exceptions when an XML file is not found.
  • 2cab4c6 Reset the logmanager before config to avoid redundant logs.
  • cbd947e Improved access modifiers on some internals.
  • 368ec92 Improved AbilityOrigin enum.
  • 75d16bb Added custom effect target evaluation.


  • 3462f03 Changed Creature.updateAnimationController() visibility to protected

  • ff59b0a Changed EntityAnimationController.AnimationRule visibility to public

  • 4252de5 Changed constructor visibility for MapObjectLoader implementations to public

  • 41b6047 Removed type parameters for

  • 14c712b Replaced Oracle JDK with OpenJDK.

  • #279 Separated mouse Cursor implementation from the RenderComponent.

    Game.window().getRenderComponent().setCursor(Cursors.ADD, 0, 0);


    Game.window().cursor().set(Cursors.ADD, 0, 0);
  • 14c26df Streamlined Animation API.



  • a4ebf58 Don’t limit cursor rendering to when the window is focused.

  • 887d635 Attached camera to RenderLoop instead of GameLoop.

  • 7490c53 Removed sample emitter implementations from the engine.

  • 9e03791 Removed unused overload for Spritesheets.get(...)

  • #282 #289 Updated ListField to create 2D list fields

  • bdbde7d Added Blueprints to game resources.

  • #285 Enabled TileData serialization.
    Before that, TileData could only be deserialized.

  • 2d340b7 Streamlined GamepadManager API.

    Input.gamepadManager().onGamepadAdded(pad -> {});


    Input.gamepads().onGamepadAdded(pad -> {});
  • 5fee6fd Removed background spritesheet argument from TextFieldComponent. Enabled commenting string list files using ‘//’ at the beginning of a line.

  • c0c9322 Don’t evaluate collision if a particle should not be moved.

  • eaa98c7 Set SpriteParticle Dimensions to the sprite dimensions by default.

  • ad5a0a4 Consolidated the RenderLoop with the GameLoop to circumvent a lot of concurrency issues and to make life easier for LITIengine devs.

  • d14fa49 Streamlined logging API.
    A default Logger instance is now added to every game and can be called with Game.log().log(...). Added ConsoleHandler and FileHandler for logging.

  • cd75d15 Streamlined Trigger interactions.

  • a612d69 4d23378 Unified hit events for CombatEntities.

  • 695806a Moved file format enums to the resources namespace.

  • 02e7471 Removed empty child implementations of PolyShape.

  • 816d7ad 1894c98 Streamlined Attribute implementation.


  • #258 Fixed MapObjectLayers being deselected when copy-pasting entities
  • 3433362 Improved MapObject ID rendering
  • #261 Correctly refresh UI after deleting entities.
  • 15f2347 Separated Entity snapping from clamping to map. Renamed snapping presets.
  • 02d6b02 96223f9 5ad81e1 1e9d84b Added dedicated zooming handler.
  • 50d511e 7f75cfd Extracted Entity transforming logic. Separated rendering tasks into dedicated classes.
  • 940190b Added Unit test routine to Gradle script.
  • 5e4bb3f 8612f69 Added general UI scaling. Added ConfirmDialog wrapper.
  • d4cf6df Moved UserPreferences to the Editor class
  • 63ff169 Added some localizable strings.
  • c4d2115 Fixed a Font scaling issue. Minor fixes and improvements.
  • c061d8e Fixed issue that sometimes caused the map list to be blank.
  • edd0bfe Removed redundant focus update.
  • 25ef97a Declared some overrides correctly.
  • 7c9117e Fixed clamping when moving multiple selected MapObjects.
  • 2724acb 1f34a90 Improved resize operation.
  • #277 Made snapping grid size configurable by user.
  • 14fec87 Removed redundant reload from map when transforming Entities.
  • #262 Fixed the map selection being discarded when changing map properties.
  • 50b3978 Fixed positional transformation using keyboard.
  • 777ba8a Added private constructors for static handlers.
  • 213c1e5 Fixed issue that prevented new maps from being imported.
  • fc0d1bf Fixed potential null reference when no map was loaded.
  • 879cde1 Improved behaviour when trying to load non-existing projects.
  • f15177b Added Ambient Light and static shadow preview to MapPropertyPanel and enhanced the panel’s layout.
  • #292 Enabled Map property manipulation in the MapPropertyPanel
  • 64ec7b7 392bcc5
    • Added Alpha spinner to the ColorComponent to make it more reusable.
    • Enhanced MapPropertyPanel with the streamlined ColorComponents, a scrollable Editor field for the map description, and omitted non-custom map properties from the table on the lower end.
    • Allowed complex components with varying height to be added to a PropertyPanel.
    • Fixed Label Alignment in the PropertyPanels
  • 5309c6f 5964444
    • Switched to concrete Map objects instead of just name strings in the MapList.
    • #262 Fixed the MapList losing its selection when changing map properties.
    • Added MapListCellRenderer for further customizability of the MapList.
    • Don’t rebind all Maps to the MapList when just saving the game file.
  • 04223a4 Changed the AssetPanel layout type from a GridLayout to a dynamic WrapLayout.
  • b7d464e Display the default value for CombatEntity hitpoints in the editor.
  • 3e22f1c Improved control flow via keyboard.
  • 2089445 Replaced usages of deprecated Event class.
  • d95c73a Fixed issue with save state of a map not being tracked.


  • 1e7030b Updated code of conduct link in
  • a9706fd Moved “Games made with LITIengine” showcase to docs pages.
  • 7477318 Added FUNDING.yml
  • 448b630 Whoop whoop.

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