Changelog LITIengine v0.4.16-alpha

You can access LITIengine releases via LITIengine’s Github releases page.


  • e5da360 Fixed an issue that caused only fields with the same name as the TMX property to be loaded
  • 9137bdf Fixed text rendering realative to the environment
  • #162 Fixed issues with the jaxb dependencies for Java versions >= 9
  • 9e20b20 Fixed an issue with mouse events not being forwarded after the window was resized

Features / Improvements

  • aea8877 Rendering the GameMetrics has been improved and additional information has been added.
  • 9dcd82c Implemented support for TextureAtlas created with the TexturePacker tool
  • #190 Improved error message for Spritesheets.
  • #211 Introduce the concept of Entity Actions
  • #103 Cleaned up event handling of the AnimationController
  • 9d2ab20 Implemented support for web resources
  • #218 Implemented support for SoundResources
  • 8b48d72 The animation controller is now updated when the sprite changes
  • fc6b586 Implemented support for rendering layers with their respective opacity


  • 68aae15 Overhaul on the Material implementation
  • 5de3620 Internal overhaul of the ScreenManager
    • Extracted the GameWindow specific logic to the respective class (see Game.window())
  • #171 Resources are now being accessed with URI-based filepaths
  • 806309b Some improvements on class names
    • Renamed the static class ImageProcessing to Imaging
    • Renamed the static class SerializationHelper to Codec
    • Moved encoding/decoding of images to the Codec class
  • 17ca6fa Moved the InputLoop to the Game class Input.loop() -> Game.inputLoop()
  • #215 113b28f Overhaul on the GuiComponent framework
  • #228 Adjusted the default resolution to be based on the computer’s native resolution
  • #232 Removed the IEntityProvider interface
  • a5e634b Replaced the isObstacle flag by the usage of CollisionType.
  • 2e033ea Removed various “adapter” classes in favor of default methods
  • TMX Map Improvements
    • #150 Implemented support for .tx format for blueprints (tmx templates).
    • #150 74f45c1 Added support for additional MapObject properties
    • #3 The order of image and tile layers will now be serialized in the original order
    • #150 3cd351c Implemented support for GroupLayers
    • #232 Rewrite the map orientations
    • #230 Handle missing version tag more gracefully
  • SoundEngine API Overhaul
    • 03f3c99 The Sound is now always the first argument for all playback methods
    • #236 Reworked the SoundPlayback implementation


  • Various usability and stability improvements
    • 1c0bda4 General rework of the layouting process
    • 83c9176 OpenSans as default font.
    • 2e207c0 Removed custom fonts from the editor
  • #91 e80d4ae Implemented ‘Movement’ and ‘Combat’ panel for entities
  • b9cce67 Allow rendering of MapObjects without type
  • #90 Animations are now being previewed in the Spritesheet dialog
  • #166 Enhanced the UndoManager
  • 4bec9b3 Fixed issue where the editor size wasn’t properly restored
  • #216 Fixed an issue when the system doesn’t support tray icons
  • #235 Fixed an issue with copy/pasing Creatures
  • 5d697f6 Fix potential NullReference when deleting all maps from the editor
  • 20dbcc2 The Entity list is now sorted by mapIDs.


  • Improved Javadoc
  • The max. supported TMX format is now 1.2.2.
  • acbcd49 Removed the “Hello World” example projects from the repository
  • Updated Gradle wrapper to 5.3.1