Changelog LITIengine v0.4.14-alpha


  • In general: Fixed a lot of exceptions and made the engine more stable.
  • Fix GeometricUtilities.translateShape() (always returned the old Shape)

Features / Improvements

  • #157 Added new constructor overloads for the ImageComponent
  • #152 Streamlined the RenderingHints for Text
  • Added some convenience methods to improve the API of Environment and IMap
  • Added theEntityDebugRenderedListener that allows to simply attach custom debug rendering for entities
  • Added the NavigationListener that provides the functionality to access some events of the IEntityNavigator
  • Made the EntityNavigator implementation more flexible by allowing to specify the acceptable error
  • Made the Environment.getNextMapId() method actually check for present IDs instead of initializing it when loading the environment.
  • #167 Implemented support for hexagonal maps
  • Improved logging and error messages for Spritesheets
  • #163 Added the possibility to loop Sounds
  • Allowed Spritesheets (and therefore Tilesets!) with margins and spacing between sprites
  • #150 Implement support for infinite .tmx maps
  • Various improvements to the SoundPlayback implementation


  • #162 #184 Fixed JAXB dependencies for Java versions other than Oracle JRE 8 (particularly Java 9, 10 or OpenJDK). JAXB is a custom XML implementation in the javax namespace that is not part of the default Java language specification. We now reference external libraries via Gradle instead.
  • Improved the naming of the ICustomPropertyProvider methods
  • #89 Cleaned up the CombatAttributes class
    • Removed non-general combat attributes like shieldattack speedhealth-regenvisionlevelxp
    • Removed leveling logic
    • Move velocity from the CombatAttributes to IMobileEntity
    • Move hitPoints from the CombatAttributes to ICombatEntity
  • Rename ArrayUtilities.getCommaSeparatedString to ArrayUtilities.join and add overloads that allow specifying a custom separator.


  • Fixed focus loss when pressing CTRL in utiLITI.
  • Added possibility in utiLITI to reassign all MapObject IDs consecutively
  • Made the editor grid configurable (thickness, color, …)
  • Added Help menu
  • Editor windows will now be centered on the screen


  • Removed the code climate badge.
  • Added a /docs folder that contains the LITIengine Documentation
    • Any help in creating this documentation is very welcome
  • Added Code of Conduct
  • Added Contribution Guidelines

We are also proud to announce that @TheRamenChef is now an official collaborator of this repository.