LITIengine Changelog v0.4.14-alpha

Changelog LITIengine v0.4.14-alpha

Fixes In general: Fixed a lot of exceptions and made the engine more stable. Fix GeometricUtilities.translateShape() (always returned the old Shape) Features...

LITIengine Changelog v0.4.13-alpha

Changelog LITIengine v0.4.13-alpha

The LITIengine Changelog for the release v0.4.13-alpha. Fixes #133 Fixed the DropdownListField rendering multiple times Fixed a bug that was...

Tutorial Feature Image Configure a LITIengine Game

Getting Started (3) – Configuring the Game

This part of the series will be a practical guide on how to Configure a LITIengine Game to your personal requirements...

Tutorial Feature Image Learn the LITIengine Basics

Getting Started (2) – Learning the Basics

This part of the series will be a theoretical chapter about the LITIengine Basics. It introduces you to the most...

Tutorial Feature Image Getting Started with LITIengine

Getting Started (1) – Setup a LITIengine Game Project

This part of the LITIengine tutorial series will guide you through the process of setting up your game project and getting...

LITIengine Changelog v0.4.12-alpha

Changelog LITIengine v0.4.12-alpha

The LITIengine Changelog for the release v0.4.12-alpha. Fixes Fixed an issue that caused the screenlocation of the ScreenManager not to...

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