public final class Maps
extends ResourcesContainer<IMap>
  • Method Details

    • isSupported

      public static boolean isSupported​(java.lang.String fileName)
    • generate

      public Maps.MapGenerator generate​(IMapOrientation orientation, java.lang.String name, int width, int height, int tileWidth, int tileHeight, ITileset... tilesets)
      Starts a process that allows the generation of maps from code.

      Notice that you must call this within a try-with block or ensure that Maps.MapGenerator.close() is called before using the generated map instance.

      Example usage:

       IMap map;
       try (MapGenerator generator = Resources.maps().generate("name", 50, 50, 16, 16, Resources.tilesets().get("tileset.tsx"))) {
         ITileLayer tileLayer = generator.addTileLayer(RenderType.GROUND, (x, y) -> {
           if (x == y) {
             // draw a diagonal in another tile color
             return 2;
           // fill the entire map with this tile
           return 1;
         // set an explicit tile at a location
         tileLayer.setTile(10, 10, 3);
         // add a collision box to the map
         generator.add(new CollisionBox(0, 64, 100, 10));
         map = generator.getMap();
      orientation - The orientation of the map to be generated.
      name - The name of the map to be generated.
      width - The width (in tiles).
      height - The height (in tiles).
      tileWidth - The width of a tile (in pixels).
      tileHeight - The height of a tile (in pixels).
      tilesets - Tilesets that will be used by the map.
      A MapGenerator instance used to add additional layers or objects to the map.
    • load

      protected IMap load​( resourceName) throws,
      Specified by:
      load in class ResourcesContainer<IMap>
    • getAlias

      protected java.lang.String getAlias​(java.lang.String resourceName, IMap resource)
      Description copied from class: ResourcesContainer
      Gets an alias for the specified resourceName. Note that the process of providing an alias is up to the ResourceContainer implementation.
      getAlias in class ResourcesContainer<IMap>
      resourceName - The original name of the resource.
      resource - The resource.
      An alias for the specified resource.