Interface IGameLoop

All Superinterfaces:
ILaunchable, ILoop
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public interface IGameLoop
extends ILoop
The IGameLoop interface provides special methods for the game's main loop
  • Method Details

    • perform

      int perform​(int delay, java.lang.Runnable action)
      Performs a timed action with the specified delay in ms.
      delay - The delay in milliseconds.
      action - The action to perform, once the delay has passed.
      The id of the TimedAction that can be used to alter the execution time of the action or remove it.
      See Also:
      alterExecutionTime(int, long)
    • alterExecutionTime

      void alterExecutionTime​(int id, long tick)
      Alters the execution time of the timed action with the specified index to the defined tick. This overwrites the originally specified delay.
      id - The id of the TimedAction.
      tick - The tick at which to perform the action instead.
    • removeAction

      void removeAction​(int id)
      Removes the TimedAction with the specified it.
      id - The id of the TimedAction.
    • getTimeScale

      float getTimeScale()
      Gets the game loop's current time scale (default = 1).
      The game loop's current time scale.
    • setTimeScale

      void setTimeScale​(float timeScale)
      Sets the game loop's time scale.

      This can be used to fast-forward the gameplay or to introduce slow-motion effects.

      timeScale - The time scale to set.